The Navigator is the high-tech support vessel offering the most advanced equipment for any type of research or service job. It has been specifically designed for scientific and research purposes therefore it has all the necessary facilities for the expedition research and operations.

U-Dive’s 3-seater submersible. Developed and assembled by the leader in the subs construction industry – “Triton Subs” it is the safest and most advanced piece of equipment currently available.

The uniquely constructed, especially for research and investigation purposes Triton 3300/1 MD sub. This Submersible can be used to discover and analyse scientific and historic objects on the seabed or perform the service tasks impossible to others submarines due to its size and agility.

The Ageotec Perseo GTV underwater vehicle is one of the latest generation devices designed for research applications and various other operations at great depths, where the use of other devices is impossible.