The Navigator is the high-tech support vessel offering the most advanced equipment for any research or service job. It has been specially designed for scientific and research purposes. Therefore, it has all the necessary facilities for the expedition research and operations.
Apart from the unique submersibles and research equipment – Triton 3300/3, Triton 3300/1 MD, Wet Diving Bell, ROV, AUV and high-tech sonar system, the navigator has onboard the newest health and safety system, including the x-ray and ultrasound equipment and the decompression chamber for 4 persons.


Name Price(EUR)
Preparation and checks before departure to destination 5000(one time payment)
Preparation and checks after the work 5000(one time payment)
DSV,rate by the sea to destination 7000/day* ***
Stand-by rate on the dock at destination 5000/day*
Stand-by rate in the sea at anchor 7000/day*
DSV rate during works 15000/day* **
Professional Diving Equipment POR

* Daily rates are on the basis 10 hour days
**Overtime = 2,500/hour
*** DSV price includes crew, ROV, Ageotec Perseo GTV, Multiebeam system R2SONIC 2024, Decompression Chamber, Wet Bell System (included on DSV rate), Other complete set equipment.


Other expenses

  • Travel expenses including airfare, lodging, food, transport and communication to be reimbursed by the customer according to real costs (if applicable).
  • The shipment, loading/unloading, permissions, other expenses involved in the transportation of DSV and equipment to be covered by the customer.
  • Consumption of fuel to be covered by the client according to real costs.